Executive Coach & Mentor

Cultural Fit

Checklist for Cultural Fit


  • What are the guiding principles that let your team know "the right thing" to do?
  • If your team is faced with an important decision - and they disagree about the way forward - what should be the basis for their decision?
  • Who does your team serve? Why?
  • What principles will determine the way you treat your team?

Work Environment

  • Are you co-located or do you work remotely? Why?
  • Are you working across multiple time zones? How do you make this work?
  • If you are co-located, what words would you use to describe your office(s)? Why?
  • If you are remote, what support do you provide to your team to create their workspace and feel part of the team?

Work Styles

  • How much time is spent working independently vs collaboratively?
  • Are decisions typically made by a group or by individuals?
  • What informal roles do people play in the team?
  • Do meetings have an agenda or are they typically free conversation?
  • Is there a particular structure to your days / weeks?
  • What hours do people typically work?

  • How do you ensure that people know what to do?
  • How do you ensure that people know what "good performance" looks like? What about "underperformance"?
  • How do people react when something goes wrong?
  • How do you recognise effort and contribution?

Leadership Styles

  • What are the preferred communication methods - face to face, phone, email, video conference, Slack?
  • How would you describe the way members of the team talk to each other?
  • How does the team approach difficult conversations and/or conflict?

Communication Styles