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I help leaders & companies with people & culture-related challenges

I'm Melissa Rosenthal, an executive coach and mentor based in Melbourne, Australia. I work with founders and executives across the globe to drive growth for companies and the people in them. 

My specialty is navigating the leadership, people and culture-related challenges that arise as companies grow, particularly as they scale from startup.

With 25 years experience, including 10 years as a coach and founder, I know the excitement and pressure that comes with rapid growth. I also understand that each growth stage demands different leadership styles. My clients benefit from structured programs that use insightful questions, robust conversation & thoughtful action to develop the capabilities and soft skills needed to successfully navigate growth.

Practice Areas

Executive coaching

As a founder or senior executive your role is complex. The pressure to succeed is enormous and the quality of your decisions decreases as the pressure increases. Executive coaching creates a safe place for you to challenge your own assumptions and to explore new ideas in a confidential, safe environment. As your trusted sounding board, I will ask the questions that help you to make better decisions. Learn more

SCALING people operations

As startup founder you've no doubt spent countless hours thinking about how to build your product, acquire customers and of course, find the money to make it happen. Now it's time to scale and build the team to drive growth. And it's time to think about being a leader and a manager, as well as a founder.  Without focused learning and effort there's every chance you'll choose the wrong people to join your team. Or worse, you'll hire the right people but won't be know how to bring out the best in them. Learn more


Stellar team performance results from the right combination of talent, effort, preparation, training and chemistry. This combination doesn't happen by accident. It takes creative thinking and carefully planned execution. Great teams don't coach themselves - they have a team alongside them designing and executing the plans to create peak performance. It's not about one-off team building sessions. Sustained, tailored and focused efforts working on the team as well as in the team are needed for optimal team dynamics. Learn more