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Moving from startup to scaleup requires a new and different focus on people.

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Moving from startup to scaleup creates a series of new challenges for every founder. One of the most important - and most often ignored - is how to proactively adapt your leadership to match your "new" business.  In addition to creating great products and making sure the tech works, you also need to understand what it means to be a leader and a manager. You need to be able to execute these skills at the same level and at the same pace as your technical skills. Leadership coaching can help you build you find and build these new muscles.

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Scaling up typically means hiring new people fast. But finding the right people to join the team isn't easy. Most founders have at least one story of "recruitment gone bad" to scar their hiring experience. Getting it right means being able to explicitly describe the type of people you're looking for as well as the skill sets you need - and then being able to identify those things in the candidates you find. Great hiring is about much more than finding a top gun recruiter. It's about knowing how you want your team to work together, the priority of the roles you need to hire, giving top talent a reason to join your team and creating the induction process that will get them up to speed as quickly as possible. I guide you through a series of rapid fire modules that clarify your hiring pipeline, align new hires with your culture and get the right team in place as quickly as possible.

enables founders to quickly and successfully scale their teams.