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Sample Team Program

Team development doesn't happen in a day...

it takes consistent effort - designed to match your objectives and your environment



For years leaders have planned team offsites as stand alone activities - one-off days for planning and navel gazing - and then are left to wonder why the commitments don't stick.

Team members experience offsite fatigue, leaving them cynical and disinterested when it comes to leaving the office for "another <@#%$> team day!"

My approach asks the team to commit to work together over a series of facilitated conversations designed to focus on the critical relationship between business outcomes (what's getting done) and team dynamics (the way it's getting done).

Whether you're a new team in the early stages of working together or a team with a well established working rhythm, the opportunity to improve awaits.


Program Benefits

  • A clear commitment and roadmap for team development that is linked directly to the team's objectives.
  • Quarantined time and space for the team to work on making sure it is doing the right things and doing things right.
  • A Systems approach that recognises that no team operates in isolation and understands the need to tailor actions to fit the environment.
  • Expert facilitation by experienced executive coach Melissa Rosenthal designed to ask the the hard questions in a safe space.

sample PROGRAM overview

Photo by  Tom Sodoge &nbsp;on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

conversation 1: kickoff

The KICKOFF conversation is a 1-day session designed to address questions including:

- Why does this team exist?

- What makes us “us”?

- What must we achieve?

- How will we do it?

- Who do we need to get us there?

The emphasis on these topics will vary depending on how long the team has been together and how well members know each other.

The kickoff conversation can be extended to 1.5 days upon request. (Additional fees apply).


Photo by  Dollar Gill &nbsp;on  Unsplash

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

conversations 2 -7: reflect and refocus

The REFLECT AND REFOCUS conversations are 2-hour sessions that encourage the team to consider progress towards business goals and the behaviours they're exhibiting while getting there. Each session will use expert coaching and facilitation techniques to provoke thought and conversation on topics including:

- What have we achieved since last time? How did we do it?

- What have we failed to deliver? Why?

- How well are we working together? How well are we making decisions?

- What needs to change?

- What do we do now?

Typically sessions will be held on a monthly basis and will include tools to measure and track the team's progress over time.

conversation 8: review

The REVIEW conversation is an half-day session designed to take a look at progress made since the beginning of the program.  By using data collected throughout the program, the team is able to identify the areas where they have made greatest progress - and likewise where additional effort is required.

The data collected allows the team to evaluate the ROI - in terms of both $ and time spent.  It can also be used as input for designing ongoing team-based work.