Executive Coach & Mentor


Sustained, tailored and focused efforts working on the team as well as in the team are needed for optimal team dynamics.

I create...


I don't believe in one-off team offsites. Teams require investment and commitment over time to be successful. By designing team coaching programs that go beyond a single point in time, I create opportunities for teams to develop self-awareness and embed important change. The coaching program creates a sense of accountability and commitment for all team members. It ensures that everyone is engaged no matter when they joined the team. Each program is tailored to the specific context of the team. No two teams are the same - so why choose an off the shelf program? Read my post on team offsites

for stronger performance...

I guide teams to find their own definition of performance - and the underlying elements that must be in place to deliver it. There are thousands of websites covering these topics - and the theory is important. Even more important is knowing how to adapt the theory to a specific context for the team and for each individual within it.  I bring the experience to know what will actually work - balancing the science and art of team performance.


The best teams actively co-design their ways of working. They create with intent, observe behaviour, reflect on outcomes and iterate their original design.  It requires time, effort and collective commitment. To be done well it requires keen observational skills, expert facilitation and independence. Utilising my skills in this arena allows you, the leader, to participate fully as a member of the team.