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Melissa Rosenthal

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Insightful questions. Robust conversation. Thoughtful action.

I am an Executive Coach and Non-Executive Director based in Melbourne, Australia.  "Informed curiosity" is the trademark of my work. With 25 years experience across the three sectors, I understand the complexities of life as a senior executive and board member. This experience combines powerfully with my natural curiosity to create conversations that challenge your thinking. I ask the questions others are unwilling to ask - and I know what to do with the answers. I create opportunities for you to see new and different perspectives. Learn more about me or schedule time for an introductory conversation.


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Practice Areas

Executive coaching

As a senior executive your role is complex. It's hard to know who to trust. People may be afraid to tell you the truth. The quality of your decisions decreases as the pressure on you increases. Executive coaching creates a safe place for you to challenge your own assumptions and to explore new ideas in a confidential, safe environment. As your trusted sounding board, I will ask the questions that help you to make better decisions. Read more

team performance

Stellar team performance results from the right combination of talent, effort, preparation, training and chemistry. This combination doesn't happen by accident. It takes creative thinking and carefully planned execution. Great teams don't coach themselves - they have a team alongside them designing and executing the plans to create peak performance. It's not about one-off team building sessions. Sustained, tailored and focused efforts working on the team as well as in the team are needed for optimal team dynamics. Read more

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non-executive director

I spend my day asking questions specifically designed to challenge executives. I bring that same informed curiosity to my board work. My experience with group dynamics allows me to interpret and contribute effectively in the board room. I currently serve as the Vice President of the Board of the Cerebral Palsy Support Network, an organisation devoted to supporting those who foster the development of people with cerebral palsy. Read more

board dynamics

When thinking about Board effectiveness it's no longer enough to complete a skills matrix and get back to reviewing the financials. Robust conversation and clear decision making protocols are a must when dealing with important strategic issues. But without the fundamentals in place, robust conversation is replaced with either complicity or conflict. Most Boards don't meet with the frequency to naturally develop the mechanisms required to create and manage these conversations. Active effort is required to build the trust and commitment required to genuinely fulfil the obligations of the Board. Read more